Happily Ever After!

When Howie met Missy

From E list to Foster to Foster Fail. It was love at first sight. Happy life Missy.

When Howie first saw Missy at the shelter he was volunteering through his work. He walked her and decided she was worth saving and wanted to foster her. To his horror she was Elisted that night and he was told county fosters cannot foster elisted dogs. We were contacted and asked if we would pull her under our rescue and we said absolutely, lets save this sweet girls life. Howie got his dream to save her and foster her. It only took less than two weeks for him to  fail her (foster fail that is) LOL. Missy is now living with her Doggie and Kitty siblings. She is getting all the love she deserves from her new daddy. 

Thank you Howie from us at Who Saved Who

Sweet Sophia


Sophia's story was a sad one, she was owned by a very uncaring human who decided when he was moving to another state, to just leave her behind. She was dumped in the yard of one of our rescue's volunteers without knowing whether she would get along with the dogs that were there as well. Fortunately nothing happened and so began her journey of being loved and getting the vetting she so desperately needed. In time sophia started to show signs of stress and was acting out, so we needed to move her to a calmer environment. A very loving couple decided that they would take her in and give her the time she needed to be sweet again. Well it only took three days and they fell in love with her. Now sweet sophia has her forever and is the happiest dog ever. We wish sophia and her new family the best life ever. Thank you for loving her 

Such a Jewel

Such a Jewel

Jewel had been in foster for over a year, they thought they wanted to keep her but unfortunately one of the other dogs was not very nice to her. Jewel didn't deserve to live in fear so a permanent home was found for her in no time at all. Now she has a brother that loves her and they share a bed together because that is what siblings do. Happy forever jewel, we will miss you but know that you are forever happy now. 



Mongo was adopted by a woman who had hoped to give her a forever home.  Shortly after taking Mongo home she realized a puppy was more than she could handle and brought her back to WSW.  The same day another person who had also been interested in Mongo came to meet her.  She fell in love with her and Mongo is now officially in her forever home. She will forever be spoiled and loved by her new mommy. Best of luck Mongo. 

Here's Johnny


Sweet little johnny came to us with four other siblings from a hoarding situation. We sent two of the siblings to another rescue so each of them could get more one on one care. Johnny stayed with us along with two of his sisters until he was ready for his forever home. Well guess what, He found his happy home and is doing well. Thank you to his new family for wanting to love him the rest of his life. Here is to another wonderful happy ending.

Bernards Story


Sweet bernard was at the county shelter and to his surprise got adopted, unfortunately he was returned for a small reason of play nipping at the young kids in the house. He was E listed for not kenneling well. We saw how special he was and could not let him die. Bernard is a loving, social, dog friendly, cat friendly dog. He went into foster for approximately two weeks and did very well. His new mommy saw that he was no longer at the shelter and was put into contact with us and he is now living the life with four cat siblings and a big back yard. Happy tails to you Bernard and your new family.